JFCD Kancelaria prawnaJFCD Kancelaria prawnaJFCD Kancelaria prawnaJFCD Kancelaria prawnaJFCD Kancelaria prawnaJFCD Kancelaria prawnaJFCD Kancelaria prawna

About Us

JFCD law firm was established in 2011, however its history goes way back to 1998, when its founders worked for one of the large law firms in Warsaw. Thanks to the established and diversified expertise of our partners and careful analysis of the ever-changing needs of Clients in the free-market economy, JFCD can offer comprehensive legal services and support to corporate Clients, institutions and individuals.

In our working relationships with Clients, JFCD strives to combine high quality of legal advice with consideration of the actual needs and possibilities of implementation of the suggested solutions, particularly in the difficult business environment. Our lawyers provide pro-active advice and pragmatic solutions. They identify legal aspects of particular cases and search for the possibility of applying various business solutions. Clients value the efficiency of our services and our ability to quickly adjust and react to the dynamics of given activity. JFCD’s commitment to high quality service includes communicating effectively with Clients. To that end, we put a strong emphasis on the efficiency of services and flow of information, availability of our team and in-depth analysis of the entrusted tasks.

We actively co-operate with entrepreneurs to enhance their practical legal skills. We analyse each issue reported in the course of the day-to-day legal assistance in terms of legal risks, and identify preventive measures or measures reducing business risks.

JFCD law firm is also involved in pro bono work for public benefit institutions, as well as in training projects performed for dedicated professional or focus groups, including EU programmes co-financed within the European Social Fund.

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