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JFCD law firm provides legal assistance in the area of business law in all types and at all stages of business operations. Our experts advise on business transactions including planning, negotiating, drawing up and performing agreements. We handle commercial disputes before courts and provide assistance in formal and practical aspects of corporate law, beginning with business start-up and transformation through to planning and assistance in the implementation of recovery programmes, including bankruptcy law.

We provide advice on real estate transactions, labour law, intellectual property law and competition law. JFCD law firm successfully represents individual clients in family law and criminal law cases, both at the mediation stage and in court proceedings.

Corporate law

JFCD law firm advises on and participates in the establishment, transformations, mergers and divisions of companies and their liquidation. We represent shareholders at shareholders’ meetings, draw up and opine on corporate deeds (statutes, articles of association). We prepare draft resolutions of shareholders’ meetings and general assemblies and represent shareholders in procedures aimed at the annulment of resolutions adopted by the meetings referred to hereinabove.

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Commercial agreements

We assist our Clients in negotiations regarding agreements and help them select the appropriate contractual solutions to secure their interests. We have extensive experience within the scope of drawing up commercial agreements.

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Copyright law & neighbouring rights

JFCD law firm prepares complete documentation related to the exercise and disposal of copyrights, particularly within the scope of copyright transfer agreements and licence agreements. Moreover, our law firm handles civil cases related to the protection of copyrights and neighbouring rights, particularly cease and desist cases and cases regarding payment of remuneration; right of publicity cases and criminal cases concerning criminal copyright infringement, including Internet infringement. JFCD law firm offers legal assistance for various industries that rely on intellectual property, in particular consideration of computer software market, movie productions, as well as music and publishing industries.

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Competition law

JFCD law firm provides advice to and represents entrepreneurs at all levels of business transactions in unfair competition cases, such as cases concerning misleading labelling, violation of business secret, defamations, unfair market practices, including i.a. collection of so-called shelf charges. Our law firm offers assistance in the protection against unfair practices of other market participants by calling for cessation of infringements, remedying the effects of the infringements and obtaining appropriate compensation. We protect entrepreneurs against claims resulting from charges connected with such activities and help them avoid such claims in the future by providing appropriate legal solutions. JFCD law firm has experience in representing entrepreneurs before the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK).

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Associations and foundations

JFCD law firm provides legal assistance in setting up and registering associations and foundations and provides regular or ad hoc advice on the day-to-day operations of such entities, taking into account the legal framework applicable in case of social and charitable activities. Our lawyers register public benefit organisations and provide legal advice to them.

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Labour law

JFCD law firm provides regular employment advice in relation to individual and collective employment arrangements. Our experts have experience in developing hiring and firing policies, drawing up and verifying internal labour law documents, preparing legal proposals regarding detailed issues related to employment scheme and participating in negotiations with employers’ professional groups in case of disputes concerning the implementation of labour law. We have diverse expertise and years of experience in handling labour law cases and representing employers, employees or persons having interest in establishing the employment relationship; we provide advice to and represent employers before the Polish National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and the Polish Social Security Institution (ZUS).

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Construction and real estate law

JFCD law firm provides legal advice and representation to investors and contractors during all phases of the construction process, including administrative and court and administrative proceedings (land development conditions, building permit, occupancy permit). We provide assistance related to real estate issues, such as confirming legal status of real estate, checking land and mortgage registers, acquisitive prescription, proceedings for dissolution of co-ownership.

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Criminal law

We represent Clients at all stages of criminal proceedings: before courts of first instance, in preparatory, appeal and enforcement proceedings as well as in cases where the decision has already become final and binding. We provide assistance in all categories of criminal cases, i.e. cases regarding so-called “ordinary offences”, cases brought by private prosecution and fraud cases.

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Family and inheritance cases

JFCD law firm provides legal assistance in family and inheritance cases. We represent Clients in divorce, separation, alimony, custody and paternity cases. We advise on cases regarding the ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance and division thereof.

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